Belinda Cruz

Franklin Middle School Teacher


Middle School Teaching

Teaching is my passion, I'm a middle school teacher at Franklin Middle School in Chantilly, Virginia. I am hoping to see many of your children's familiar faces soon, but until we can see each other in person, online and zoom hybrid learning is likely going to be the norm.

For parents, I have made available slides and presentations available for download from the school website should you need to download our lectures or have questions about our daily activities and learning.

As always, if you have a question or concern at anytime, please never hesitate to contact me or any member of the Middle School Team ( Taya, Dua, Ashlee, Tracey ). Here's to a great year!

Distance Learning


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Getting Course Materials

Lots has been going on in Middle School Math even through our distance learning platform. Take a look through our posts on the school website for our slides and videos that you may download or watch online at any time. I have been posting a lot on my personal blog about my experiences with Distance Learning.

If you haven't checked them out, and if you are interested, take a read through my last three (latest) posts on the school website.

Course Links:
Franklin Middle School

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Mathematics Courseware

As for grades 6, 7, and 8, here’s a snapshot of some things we’ve been doing!

All Middle School math students have been learning through various online platforms along with live streaming videos each day with me. For assessment and practice, students have been using EdWare, KnowledgeBase, and QuizBase. We also began using an IXL and students work on self-diagnostics as their recommendation programs. The kids loved it, but unfortunately our trial ran out. Perhaps this is something we will renew for the upcoming year.

Students are now able to complete and navigate their own abilities with a personalized playlist of teaching courses for their next steps and grade levels. This is a great time to mention that they can learn on their own and at their pace. Nothing more we love to hear than "I can do more diagnostics to raise my math grade level".


We are available during business hours and after-hours via email.